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About Us



Alejandro (left) with his brother, Gilbert.

In June of 2021, I had an exciting conversation with my big brother Gilbert about his interest in opening a restaurant in the state he lived in. Owning a business and bringing joy to people through food was something we were both passionate about. We agreed to start working on plans to make his dream a reality. Unfortunately, the night of this conversation, I received news that my brother had a heart attack and he passed away suddenly despite appearing young, strong, and healthy. Our family grieved, and I became driven to open a restaurant in his honor. 


Our restaurant is dedicated to our family and friends, both living and those we have lost. But a special dedication goes to Gilbert, who from heaven has inspired me to open Alejandro.


You will find that many of our dishes are named after family members as a reminder and celebration of life. I am grateful for the opportunity to share our story and our food which itself contains years of history through family recipes. 


Our Mexican and Seafood plates are authentic while uniquely representing our passion and the love we have for our family. I also incorporated Fusion dishes on the menu which are influenced by the flavors of different cultures that compliment our traditional recipes.


We are overjoyed to have you join us at Alejandro "Serious Mexican, Mariscos, & Fusion Food".

- Alejandro and Family


Gilbert with their mother, Carmen.

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